The major milestones for implementation of the instrument are:

  • Feasibility Study ( performed April 2006 )
  • Kickoff Meeting ( performed October 2006)
  • Preliminary Design Review ( performed November, 21th 2007 at IAA)
  • Optics Final Design Review ( performed September, 24th 2008 at IAA)
  • Order of purchase of Optic to SESO ( performed May, 2009 )
  • Order of purchase of Cryostat to Reuter (performed May, 2009)
  • Last optical elements received at end 2011.
  • Integration tests of mechanical, optical and software at laboratory, along 2011 and 2012.
  • Installation, commissioning and acceptance of the instrument at the CAHA currently is planned to take place in the 3rd quarter of 2014.
  • Delivery of the final documentation in 2014.
  • January, 2016: Br-gamma filter installed.
  • November, 2017: the director of the Calar Alto Observatory and PANIC's principal investigators signed an agreement on the provisional acceptance of the PANIC instrument.
  • September, 2018: order of the new detector, a monolithic HAWAII-4RG composed of a matrix of 4096x4096 pixels with a pixel size of 15 microns.