We list below potential scientific cases that would benefit from the panoramic imaging mode of PANIC. More details for some of them can be found in the Phase A document, section 2. A (non-exhaustive) compilation of science cases that would benefit from the other TBC observing modes is also given.  


Extragalactic Astronomy

  • Extragalactic Surveys
  • GRBs
    • GRBs at high redshift
    • GRB host galaxies
  • Mapping of nearby galaxies
    • Morphological characterization
    • Star formation and stellar populations
    • Magnetic field
  • Distance scale
  • Searches for high-redshift quasars
  • Clusters and Superclusters of galaxies

Galactic Astronomy

  • Galactic survey
  • Galactic plane and bulge

Stellar evolution, star formation, exoplanets

  • Accretion disks of young stars
  • Search for post-AGBs
  • Measures of stellar sizes
  • Low mass objects, exoplanets
    • Probing the IMF down to ~ 1-Jupiter mass. A deep star forming region survey.
    • Testing the brown dwarf ejection scenario: a survey around Bok globules.
  • X-ray binary counterparts
  • Asteroseismology
  • Supernovae searches
  • Active stars

Solar system

  • Trans-Neptunian’s, minor bodies
  • Comets